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Why choosing Seawa Surf School ?
1- A great location, in a magical and natural area ;

Our little wood hut is located at the beach, between the forest and the ocean. This relaxing atmosphere matches perfectly with our surf spirit ! In this vibe, you will enjoy your surf lesson for sure !

2- A surf school far from the crowds ;

Seawa surf school is the farthest from the center (heading south).
The advantages of our location are :

  • less people at the beach ;
  • less people in the water ;
  • more waves for you !
3- High quality of surf courses ;

Le Porge Surf Spot is very famous from the local surfers ! The waves are really nice all year along and this spot is less crowded than Lacanau !

Moreover, our professional surf coaches are passionate, kind and invested. They have years of surf coaching experience. These good surfers will give to you personalized advice, this way everyone can achieve their goals.

4- Seawa Surf School, creator of good memories !

The ocean inspires freedom ! Surf helps to load your batteries and keep your mind healthy. Enjoy the amazing feeling of connecting to the waves and to the element.
Our smily team is invested to making you appreciate the moment. Leave your holidays in France with lots of beautiful memories !

5- A simple booking system ;

To book your surf courses, you can :

  • call us : +337 68 25 80 26 ;
  • send us an email : [email protected]
  • send us a message with the form below.

Openning Hours

Daily, from 9 a.m to 7 p.m, all summer.

Send a message to Seawa Surf school Le Porge :

You can also call us (+33768258026) to book a surf lesson.

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Seawa Surf School
South of the Beach parking
33680 Le Porge Océan

Openning Hours

Every days
All summer !

Seawa Surf School
South of the Beach parking
33680 Le Porge Océan